Thresholds set by Articles of Association

According to Deceuninck's Articles of Association, the threshold as from which a participation needs to be disclosed, has been set at 3%, subsequently at 5% and each multiple of 5%.

Shareholder structure

In application of the Law of 2nd May 2007, the latest report of participations that has been received reveals the following breakdown of shareholders:


Number of shares


Gramo BV 24,043,470 17.42
Holve NV 16,067,809 11.64
H.P. Participaties Comm.V. 10,400,000 7.53
Frank Deceuninck 7,092,237 5.14
Treasury shares 69,769 0.05
Others 80,367,644 58.22
Total 138,040,929 100.00
Last update: 11 October 2021


Notifications should be transmitted to both Deceuninck NV and the FSMA. The FSMA recommends transmitting the notifications electronically via e-mail to
Deceuninck recommends to transmit notifications per e-mail as well, to the attention of